Synchrotron Coin Airdrop

Synchrotron Coin Airdrop

How to Join Synchrotron Airdrop

Basic Project Introduction By

Airdrop qualifying will run from Monday (Opens at 10AM UTC) to Friday (Closes at 22:00 UTC), Validation and distribution Saturday to Sunday.

  1. You Must put your STC Wallet address on your BCT profile page (in location, bitcoin field, or anywhere publicly visible)
  2. You MUST follow the official Synchrotron twitter handle and “like + retweet” minimum of 2 tweets of the airdrop week. (Your twitter account must have been created before 17/11/2018)
  3. You MUST make one unique tweet about synchrotron coin and include these hashtags – #STC #Synchrotron #crypto #airdrop (Minimum 2 days to complete twitter activity, DO NOT DO ALL IN ONE DAY.)
  4. You MUST be active on our Discord server. (JOIN OFFICIAL DISCORD CHANNEL) We will check activity level based on your XP which is tracked by a bot. XP will reset on Sunday. (Discord Account creation date must be before 17/11/2018).
  5. Join Synchrotron’s official telegram group and be active.

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