PRiVCY Coin Airdrop

PRiVCY Coin Airdrop


Tools and Equipments 

  1. A Bitcointalk Account that has 28+ Activity and Registered on or before June 1, 2018
  2. A Active Twitter Account, No number of followers required just simply having an active account.
  3. Discord Chat Account, this is the most important thing since this is where the PRiVCY Community is built.
  4. A Personal Computer for wallet installation and basically to do all those stuff that been mention above. A mobile phone is ok but you cannot install a windows wallet on a android or IOS Phone.

Things to do

  1. Join the OFFICIAL PRiVCY Discord Channel
  2. Visit the Official Bitcointalk Announcement Thread to know the basic of the project
  3. Follow the Official PRiVCY Twitter Account
  4. Download the latest Official PRiVCY Desktop Wallet
  5. Add your PRiVCY Wallet Address on your Bitcointalk Profile, It could be anywhere (Skype, Location or Bitcoin Field)
  6. Wear or Add the PRiVCY Signature Code on your signature space depending on your bitcointalk rank (SIGNATURE CODE)
  7. Go back to PRiVCY Discord Channel and Go to #bot-cmd channel under the Support Category.
  8. There are 4 codes you need to type in
  • !setaddress Example: !setaddress Pf901hainfiaggogqifba
  • !setbctid Exampe: !setbctid 112345  <You can get your Bitcointalk ID by going to your profile and clicking on the showpost and copy the ID number on the URL BAR>
  • !setwitter Example: !setwitter <Complete Twitter Profile Link>
  • !registration Type this bot code to complete your registration and to see you registration details.

You also need to send 0.001 to this Address PLZyFVDc7RBw2ztawSmPmNZb8w7N7pwyZY to verify that you are not using an EXCHANGE ADDRESS to register on the airdrop. If your just a new member visit the FAUCET and CLAIM your First PRiVCY Coin.

After everything above is complete and done, its time to move on the Weekly Activity. To qualify for the airdrop we require all members to be active on both discord and bitcointalk account also we require everyone to Retweet all the official tweet of PRiVCY Dev Team.

Talking about Bitcointalk Activity, We don’t have any required post to me to qualify for the airdrop but it doesnt mean you will just slack off and do nothing. Activity means use Bitcointalk as a forum and not a place to spam to reach your weekly qouta. Use it to socialized and learn things about cryptocurrency.

And lastly discord channel, This is the most important part and one of the major requirements for the airdrop. We don’t need people to spam and talk non-sense on the channel, Use discord as a mode of communication and as a tool for socialization with your fellow PRiVCY Community Members.

There has been some major changes on the rules and you find more updated one by visiting #RULES and #FAQS channel on the official discord channel.

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