MetaCash Coin Airdrop

MetaCash Coin Airdrop

How to join Metacash Airdrop

Basic Project overview

Metacash coin is fully green. No GPU or ASIC mining, no power consumption, no electricity bills, just full Proof of Stake algo Scrypt v2/0 on very low CPU consumption wallet.

Metacash transactions is really so fast. You need just four confirmations for confirming transactions and only eight confirmations for newly generated coins to be fully matured and fully spendable.

Metacash coins are fully fair. All coins are discributed fairly between community members via three airdrop programs. No mining , low presale , and fair rules for distributing throught community members, fans and potential investors.

Airdrop Registration Guide

  1. Download the official MetaCash Wallet [Download Now]
  2. Join Metacash official discord channel [Join Now]
  3. You need hold 100 Metacash to join the airdrop [Buy Now]
  4. Register your Airdrop Details [Register Now]

Airdrop Duration: 1 Year 4% Weekly Airdrop depending on your Metacash holdings

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