Hilux Coin Airdrop

Hilux Coin Airdrop


Brief Project Overview

No one could take away your Hilux Coins because it is hardcoded inside the Hilux Blockchain. This Blockchain copy is distributed throughout the world through the Masternodes which you can be a part of. You choose who you want to give it to. Keep it. Spend it. Give it to your loved ones. Reward anyone.

Airdrop Registration

  1. Join Official Hilux Coin Discord Channel [Join Now]
  2. Follow Official Hilux Coin Twitter Account [Follow Now]
  3. Invite atleast 1 Member in Discord Channel
  4. Reach Level 3 in Hilux Discord Channel
  5. Once complete post your proof on #hilux-airdrop-1 channel


If you encouter difficulties with airdrop registration, Contact me via staker discord @xsinx and i will assist you with the process.

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